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Theta Conflict is an action-packed strategy game. As captain of a spaceship amidst a galactic battle, it will be your task to lead your faction to victory.

Game Info.

At the outskirts of our galaxy, a war is being waged. Factions battle for dominance in a territory that has yet to be explored. Blinded by their lust for the illusive 'Theta' crystals, these factions hardly pay attention to the real wonders, secrets and dangers found in this quadrant of space.

You’ve just been promoted to the rank of Captain. Sided with the Blue faction, you have the opportunity to choose and sail the most exclusive spaceships known to man.

  • Take part in intense space battles.
  • Strategy matters. Plan your manoeuvers wisely.
  • Different play styles. Take your pick of as list of exclusive spaceships, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities.
  • Level up. Upgrade your vessel during the battle to turn the tide.
  • Play through an epic campaign, or nail the enemy in a quick match up.



  • When will the game be launched?
  • Out now for Android! iOS coming soon.

  • On which platforms will the game launch?
  • At launch, the game will be available for all last gen Apple iOS devices and up. Android and Windows Phone versions will follow in the weeks following.

  • Will the game feature a multiplayer mode?
  • No. The initial version will be a single player experience only. On popular demand, we will consider making a multiplayer version in the future.

  • Will the game be free?
  • You can play the full game with one given spaceship. There will be additional content available, such as extra spaceships. However, you’ll only need to pay if you want actual additional content, not for in-game currency.

  • How much additional content or updates will you release?
  • Based on popularity, we might add another 10 ship, or maybe another 100. One way or the other, we will support our game as long as possible.

Game Details.


Created by Alexander Bonnee & Daniël van der Meulen
Based in Utrecht area, The Netherlands

Release date:

September 1, 2016


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Android Play Store
Windows Phone Store

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Theta Conflict